Fonetti is the interactive reading app for children

Fonetti is the award-winning, interactive reading app for children that also provides actionable reading data for teachers and parents.

It’s educational, it’s fun and it’s a great way to develop a love of reading.

How your child benefits from using Fonetti

Children benefit from reading out loud

Reading aloud uses 3 key modes of communication: reading, speaking and listening, which enhances learning and deepens understanding.

Not just another ebook reader

Fonetti is designed to engage a new generation of tech-savvy children who are used to real-time interactions, validation and engagement.

Books to encourage a love of reading

With an engaging library that’s suitable for different ages and abilities, Fonetti sparks, develops and reinforces a love of reading in both reluctant and more confident readers.

How does Fonetti work?

Voice tech specifically developed for children’s reading speech

The words change colour as the child reads, providing immediate feedback

Friendly reporting and scores to encourage and motivate more reading

Bring Fonetti to your home

Fonetti is the multi award-winning, UK-based, educational reading platform, and proud to support The Read Aloud Challenge.

The Fonetti reading app is both educational and fun, and has been specifically developed for children to use in schools and at home. The platform hosts a library of over 200 books.

Parent & Teacher feedback

Elodie had already mastered phonics, when we started using Fonetti. The app has accelerated her reading progress significantly. She eagerly dives into chapter books, (she's only 5) and now reads with the class above at school! Thank you!

Zak, Dad of 2 Fonetti fans

Nurturing a love of reading, that remains with children throughout their lifetime, is invaluable and Fonetti is such a brilliant way of aiding with this and at the same time developing their reading skills

Simon Davies (Headteacher, Balfour Primary School)

When he used the Fonetti app, I noticed immediately how much more confident, and in control he was about sounding out the words

Louise, mum to Giovanni

The voice recognition is an excellent way to prompt children's ability to read aloud; the words changing colour provides instant feedback for the children which in turn creates intrinsic satisfaction and motivation. Already we have seen a positive impact on children's reading abilities

Vicky Langan (English Lead, Yr 3 teacher, Paulton Junior School)

I love Fonetti more than Minecraft!

Adam, age 8

Fonetti’s Awards & Achievements