Summer UK Read Aloud Challenge

Welcome to the 21-day Summer UK Read Aloud Challenge. Children aged 5-11 years can choose from hundreds of fun, illustrated books to read aloud, using an award-winning tablet-based app.

With rewards for their reading, nurture a love of books this summer.

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What is the Summer UK Read Aloud Challenge?

It’s a summer reading challenge that encourages primary age children to read more and aloud over the summer holiday, with 100s of engaging books available to read for free on the award-winning tablet-based app Fonetti.

Interventions like this Challenge help minimise an average of 2 months of lost learning over the summer holiday.

The 21 day Challenge will boost your child’s reading confidence, their speech and comprehension skills, and increase their vocabulary.

Readers will receive certificates when they achieve the Challenge milestones, and those that top the Hall of Fame will also receive prizes!

We’re delighted to have Clare Balding CBE as our Read Aloud Ambassador!

Throughout the summer, we’ll share encouraging messages from Clare, and Neil Coleman (Headteacher at Birchwood Primary), to inspire Challenge readers to read even more!

How will the Read Aloud Challenge help children?

Reading aloud accelerates & embeds learning

Reading aloud improves memory & focus

Regular reading increases vocabulary & comprehension

Confidence boost from trying & achieving

Safe productive screen time

What’s the process?

The 21 days start when you…

Receive your welcome email from Fonetti

Download Fonetti to your Android or iOS tablet

Login to Fonetti

Encourage your child(ren) as they enjoy great books while reading aloud

Focus on achieving the Challenge milestones (and having fun)

Receive rewards for achieving the milestones

Challenge Milestones

Don’t forget, children must read aloud for this Challenge!

Challenge Level 1

  • Read 15 books aloud within 21 days
  • Spend 60+ minutes reading aloud
  • Collect 30 stars in your dashboard

You’ve completed the Challenge…
now try to enter the Hall of Fame!

Hall of Fame

  • Read 5 more books
  • Read aloud for 20 more minutes
  • Collect an extra 10 stars

You’ve done it!
You’re now in the Hall of Fame!

Who can take part?

Children aged 5-11 years

UK residents

Access to iOS or Android tablet*

*The Fonetti app is only downloadable on tablet.

Rewards & Recognition

Personalised reports
In the app, you can see at a glance what your child has read, for how long and their level of accuracy, and therefore if they need extra help.

Receive a subscription to Fonetti for 3 or 6 months, for completing The Read Aloud Challenge or The Hall of Fame respectively.

The Summer UK Read Aloud Challenge – Hall of Fame

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Fonetti is the multi award-winning, UK-based, educational reading platform, and proud to support The Read Aloud Challenge.

The Fonetti reading app is both educational and fun, and has been specifically developed for children to use in schools and at home. The platform hosts a library of over 200 books.

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